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0 func_lx_alloc allocate a string struct not yet used
0 func_lx_realloc reallocate a string struct to hold a different amount
0 func_lx_setalloc allocate a string struct, used or not
0 func_lx_plusalloc add specified amount of bytes to an allocated string struct
0 func_lx_setxbuf sets the extra buffer amount for allocations
5 func_lx_cadd add a given character to a string buffer
5 func_lx_check0 ensure that s ends in a binary 0. If not, add one.
5 func_lx_chop remove the last n characters from a string buffer
5 func_lx_chomp remove all specified ending characters from a string buffer
5 func_lx_chomp_ws remove all whitespace from the end of a string buffer
5 func_lx_chompf remove all specified beginning characters
5 func_lx_free free a string structure, set string back to 0
5 func_lx_zfree zero a string structure, then call lx_free()


0 example_programs example programs and speedtests

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