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structural get_opts

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Structural get_opts, as the name implies, is an argument-parsing library using structures. You define specific options, along with the type of option it should expect, and at your leisure, you tell it to parse the argument string.

Structural get_opts is intended to be an easy-to-use, yet reasonably extensible argument-parsing library.

Available option types include:

additional notes

There are examples to help get you started in the example directory. View opt_example.c for help with the customizable error handling interface, or opt_example_em.c for the "errormatic" interface, which handles your argument errors automatically and uniformly. Keep in mind that opt_example_em.c demonstrates more features than opt_example.c.

You may subscribe to the structural get_opts mailing list by sending an empty message to getopts-subscribe@episec.com. As of yet, archives are not available.

Functionality notes:


The current version is get_opts-20100826-1.tar.gz. The current version can always be downloaded as get_opts-current.tar.gz.

MD5 sums may be viewed here.

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