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socketwinch is a socket redirection program that reads from many sockets and writes to one single socket. It is useful for running services that log to unix domain sockets in chroot(2) environments, converting between STREAM and DGRAM styles of sockets, etc.

Requires lx_lib
Requires structural get_opts
Requires minilib

Compile requisites in ../<respective dir>, or modify Makefile accordingly. To build, type make. Installation is manual. Please see the manual page for more information. To view the man page without installing, you may type
nroff -man ./socketwinch.1 |more
on a system with supported macros.


The current version is socketwinch-20030922-1.tar.gz. Implemented features in this release are beta, however not all intended features are yet implemented.
The current version can always be downloaded as socketwinch-current.tar.gz.

MD5 sums may be viewed here.

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